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  Veratrum grandiflorum / Baikeisou バイケイソウ   (Syn.  Veratrum album subsp. oxysepalum)

Bloom time: June-August

 Melanthiaceae /


Secies in the genus Veratrum:

Veratrum grandiflorum / Baikeisou
Veratrum maackii var. japonicum / Shurosou
Veratrum maackii var. parviflorum / Aoyagisou



  Veratrum grandiflorum / Baikeisou バイケイソウ        (Syn.

Veratrum album subsp. oxysepalum)
Veratrum grandiflorum is a perennial inhabiting damp grassland in mountainous regions, with stems growing to 0.6-1.5m in height. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, each broad-oblong, 20-30cm long; bases embrace the stems. The stem tops emerge significant panicles and set many 2cm-across green-white flowers in them. The flowers in the lower parts are male flowers, the other bisexual. Bloom time: July-August.




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