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Verbascum thapsus / Birohdomouzuika ビロードモウズイカ

Bloom time: August-September

Scrophulariaceae / Gomanohagusaka   Species in the genus Verbascum:

Verbascum thapsus / Birohdomouzuika


Verbascum thapsus / Birohdomouzuika ビロードモウズイカ

Verbascum thapsus: A biennial herb originating in Meditteranean Coast, it has been naturalized in various parts of Japan, growing in dry riverbeds, wastelands, or roadsides, with stems extending 1-2m in height. Hairs on stems or leaves branch in a verticillate way, which characterizes this species. Leaves on the lower parts are about 30cm long and oblanceolate, and the upper part's leaves become smaller as to go upward. Stem tips emerge 20-50cm long racemes and densely set yellow flowers, and 2-2.5 cm-in-length corollas are cleft in five, with stellate hairs outside. Bloom time: August-September.



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