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Verbena bonariensis / Yanagihanagasa ヤナギハナガサ

Bloom time: April-October

Verbenaceae /


Species in the genus Verbena:

Verbena bonariensis / Yanagihanagasa
Verbena brasiliensis / Arechihanagasa



Verbena bonariensis / Yanagihanagasa ヤナギハナガサ

Verbena bonariensis, a perennial herb originating in South America, grows to 2m in height and branches well. Stems are 4-ridged and hollow, with bristles and some simple leaves, the largest measuring 13cm long. The leaves are simple, opposite, in a lanceolate shape, with hairs on the back sides and bases embracing the stems. Stem tips give branching spikes with dense flowers; corollas are tubular with tips cleft in five. As the flowering advances, the inflorescences grow longer. Bloom time: April-October.




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