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Verbena brasiliensis / Arechihanagasa アレチハナガサ

Bloom time: June-September

Verbenaceae /


Species in the genus Verbena:

Verbena bonariensis / Yanagihanagasa
Verbena brasiliensis / Arechihanagasa


Verbena brasiliensis / Arechihanagasa アレチハナガサ

Verbena brasiliensis, a perennial herb in South America, grows wild in sunny grassland, bare lands, or gravelly soil areas. With four ridges, stems stand erect and branch well, nodding to approximately 1.5m height. On-stem leaves, with no petioles, are opposite, broadly linear, with sharp serrations on upper halves. Stem tips give 2-3cm-long pikes that branch and set many flowers in them: corollas, 3mm-across, light blue-purple. In fruiting time, the spikes grow long to become cylindrical. Bloom time: June-September.




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