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Verbena officinalis / Kumatsuzura クマツヅラ

Bloom time: June-September



Species in the genus Verbena:

Verbena officinalis / Kumatsudura

Verbena officinalis / Kumatsuzura クマツヅラ

Verbena officinalis, a perennial herb inhabiting fields and mountains or roadsides, grows to 30-80cm in height. Stems, square, stand erect and branch at upper parts, and the whole is with fine hairs. Leaves measure 3-10cm in length, 2-5cm in width, in the shape of an ovate, generally cleft in three, and the lobes pinnately cut in afresh. Leaf surfaces dent along veins and are wavy in a wrinkled way. Branch tips bear slender inflorescences growing to about 30cm in height and set about 4mm across light red flowers. Bloom time: June-September.




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