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Veronica hederaefolia / Furasabasou フラサバソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Plantaginaceae /


Species in the genus Veronica:

Veronica anagallis-aquatica / Ookawadisha
Veronica arvensis / Tachiinunofuguri
Veronica hederaefolia / Furasabasou
Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata
Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata(white)
Veronica ornata / Touteiran
Veronica persica / Ooinunofuguri
Veronica polita var. lilacina / Inunofuguri
Veronica undulata / Kawadisha

Pseudolysimachion ogurae (Syn. Veronica ogurae) / San'intoranoo
Pseudolysimachion ogurae-pink (Syn. V. ogurae) / Akabana-san'intoranoo
(Syn. V. ogurae) / Shirobanasan'intoranoo


Veronica hederaefolia / Furasabasou フラサバソウ

Veronica hederaefolia is a biennial herb originating in Eurasia, found in fields or on roadsides. The whole is prominently long-haired. Stems branch at lower parts and spread sideways, the tips becoming somewhat erect. Cotyledons (seed leaves) at the foot of the stems remain until flowering time. Most leaves are opposite, 0.7-1cm in length, 0.8-1.2cm in width, in the shape of a long oblong, with 2-4 serrations on margins. Flower stalks, the same length as the leaves, appear from axils on upper portions and set single light blue-purple flowers on them. Bloom time: April-May.




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