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Veronica polita var. lilacina /  Inunofuguri イヌノフグリ

Bloom time: March-April

Plantaginaceae /


Species in the genus Veronica:

Veronica anagallis-aquatica / Ookawadisha
Veronica arvensis / Tachiinunofuguri
Veronica hederaefolia / Furasabasou
Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata
Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata(white)
Veronica ornata / Touteiran
Veronica persica / Ooinunofuguri
Veronica polita var. lilacina / Inunofuguri
Veronica undulata / Kawadisha


Veronica polita var. lilacina /  Inunofuguri イヌノフグリ

Veronica polita var. lilacina is a biennial herb inhabiting roadsides or stone walls, with stems branching at lower parts and spread sideways. Leaves are opposite on lower portions and alternate on upper legs, and they are ovoid, 0.6-1cm in length and width, with 4-8 serrations on the margins and sparse hairs on both sides of the leaves. Leaf axils on upper parts emerge one-centimeter peduncles on which come single 3-4mm-across flowers; they are light red-white, with red-purple stripes. Bloom time: March-April..



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