Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Family: Fabaceae /


Species in the genus Vicia:

Vicia amoena / Tsurufujibakama
Vicia pseudo-orobus / Oobakusafuji
Vicia sativa ssp. nigra / Karasunoendou
Vicia tetrasperma / Kasumagusa
Vicia unijuga / Nantenhagi
Vicia villosa subsp. varia / Nayokusafuji
Vicia venosa ssp. cuspidata var. cuspidata / Ebirafuji


 Vicia villosa ssp. varia / Nayokusafuji ナヨクサフジ

Vicia villosa subsp. varia is an introduced from-Europe-or-West-Asia annual-biennial herb. Stems branch well to reach as far as 1.5m in a vine way. Leaves are of alternate, even-pinnately compound leaf, consisting of 4-12 pair leaflets; the lobes are 10-30mm in length, 3-7mm in width, in the shape of a long oblong to lanceolate, Leaves, at the terminals, grow into tendrils as with most of the other species. Flowers, a butterfly-shaped, 1-1.8 in length, on the top of flower stalks borne from leaf axils bloom in racemes, blue-purple-red-purple, all facing one direction. Fruit (legume) measures 2~4cm long, 0.4-1.2cm wide, in an oblong shape. Bloom time: May-August.





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