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Vincentoxicum macrophyllum / Tsukushigashiwa ツクシガシワ

Bloom time: June-August

Apocynaceae /



Species in the genus Vicia:

Vincentoxicum atrantum / Funabarasou
Vincentoxicum japonicum / Iyokazura
Vincentoxicum japonicum f. puncticlatum / Kurobanaiyokazura
Vincentoxicum macrophyllum / Tsukushigashiwa
Vincentoxicum pycnostelma / Suzusaiko


Vincentoxicum macrophyllum / Tsukushigashiwa ツクシガシワ

Vincentoxicum macrophyllum is a perennial herb inhabiting moist deciduous tree forests, with stems growing to 0.5-1m in height and the stem tops reaching out in a climber way. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis of some pairs, thin texture, in the shape of a broad oblong, 12-25cm in length. The leaves on the upper parts of the stems abruptly become smaller, and cymose inflorescences emerge from those leaf axils. The flower stalks are long, 2-5cm in length. Flowers, dark purple, 8-10mm in diameter, have white frizzled hairs insides. Follicles, or a dehiscent fruit, are significantly more prominent than the flowers, 5-8cm in length. Bloom time June-August.




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