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Viscum album var. coloratum / Yadorigi ヤドリギ

Bloom time: February-March

Loranthaceae /


Species in the genus Viscum:

Viscum album var. coloratum / Yadorigi
Viscum album var. coloratum f._ruburo-aurantiacum / Akamiyadorigi


Viscum album var. coloratum / Yadorigi ヤドリギ

Viscum album var. coloratum is a semiparasitic evergreen woody plant that takes in water and nutrients from a broad-leaf deciduous tree, such as Zelkova serrata, Fagus crenata, etc. Therefore, it's so easy for V. album var. coloratum to catch even casual observers' eyes only in the wintertime because its fruit gives attractive bright yellow color. The seed can stay attached to the tree surface and germinate as the mucous layer envelopes it. Bloom time: February-March.
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