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Wedelia prostrata / Nekonoshita ネコノシタ

Bloom time: June-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus :Wedelia

Wedelia prostrata / Nekonoshita



Wedelia prostrata / Nekonoshita ネコノシタ

Wedelia prostrata is a perennial herb occurring in sandy soil on seashores. Stems have pispids all around, crawl on the ground long and branch well, and grow diagonally upward about 60cm in height. Leaves are opposite; 1.5-4.5cm long, long, oblong-shaped, and thick, with sparse hairs on the margins and the pispids on both surfaces. Flower heads, 1.6-2.2cm in diameter, singly set themselves at stem tips; involucres are semi-spherical, and achenes are 3.5-4mm long. Bloom time: July-October.



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