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Zabelia integrifolia / Iwatsukubaneutsugi イワツクバネウツギ

Bloom time: September-October

Family: Carprifoliaceae / Suikazuraka

  Species in the genus Zabelia:

Zabelia_integrifolia / Iwatsukubaneutsugi

Zabelia integrifolia / Iwatsukubaneutsugi イワツクバネウツギ

Zabelia integrifolia, a deciduous shrub with gray-brown barks, inhabits limestone or serpentinite areas, branching well to grow thick to approximately 2m in height. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, 1-3cm long, oval to lanceolate-like oblong, with tips pointed, bases cuneate, margins entire, and coarse hairs on veins on both sides and margins. Petioles are 4-7mm long, and the pairs' grounds swell to merge. New branch tips generally give two light-red-tinging flowers with 3-6mm-in-length peduncles. Corollas are funnel-shaped, and floral tubes measure 1-1.5cm, with tips cleft in 4 and open flat. Bloom time: September-October.
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