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Zingiber mioga / Myouga ミョウガ

Bloom time: August-October

Zingiberaceae /


Species in the genus Zingiber:

Zingiber mioga / Myouga


Zingiber mioga / Myouga ミョウガ

Zingiber mioga: A perennial thought to have entered from China, it grows in the wild and is cultivated in the shade of a tree where people reside nearby. Rhizomes with scaly leaves crawl sideways; pseudostems are annual, erect, and 40-100cm tall. Blades are lanceolate to narrow oblong, 20-30cm long, and 3-6cm wide, with sharply pointed tips, bases with short peduncles, and pseudostems made by overlapping leaf sheaths. Flowers come out from one to another and wilt in a day. Bloom time: August-October.




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