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Bistorta tenuicaulis / Harutoranoo ハルトラノオ

Bloom time: April-May

Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Bistorta:

Bistota officinalis ssp. japonica / Ibukitoranoo
Bistota tenuicaulis /


Bistorta tenuicaulis / Harutoranoo ハルトラノオ

Bistorta tenuicaulis is a perennial herb of 15-25cm in height found in forests in mountainous regions. Its radical leaves are ovate or orbicular-ovate, 2-10cm long, the tips pointed and the margins entire, and the bases abruptly tapering off to both sides of long pedicles. Spikes, 2-4cm long, emerge on the tips of flower stalks. Flowers, lacking petals, have sepals cleft deeply in 5 segments; stamens, 8 in number, popping out; anthers are red. Bloom time: April-May.




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