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Corylus sieboldiana / Tsunohashibami ツノハシバミ

Bloom time: March-May

Betulaceae / Kabanokika   Species in the genus Corylus:

Corylus sieboldiana / Tsunohashibami

Corylus sieboldiana / Tsunohashibami ツノハシバミ

Corylus sieboldiana, a deciduous shrub, generally 2-3m in height, grows in mountainous regions with light gray-brown smooth barks. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, 5-11cm long, 3-7cm wide, in the shape of a broad-obovate, tips abruptly become narrow to points, bases circular, with irregular double serrations on margins. Flowers are monoecious; they bloom in March-May before the leaves develop. Male inflorescences emerging below branch tips measure 3-15cm long, in which male flowers singly appear in bracts with eight stamens. Female flowers set themselves some at the branch tips and bloom inside bud scales wrapped in; only the dark red styles ( the portions between ovaries and stigmas) peep out of them. Bloom time: March-May.


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