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Gastrodia elata f. pallens / Oninoyagara / Shirotenma シロテンマ

Bloom time: June-July

Orchidaceae /



Species in the genus Gastrodia:

Gastrodia elata / Oninoyagara
Gastrodia elata f. pallen / Shirotenma
Gastrodia pubiabiata / Kuroyatsushiroran

Gastrodia pubilabiata f. castanea / Bengarayatsushiroran
Gastrodia verrucosa / Akizakityatsushiroran

 Gastrodia elata f. pallens/ Oninoyagara / Shirotenma シロテンマ

Gastrodia elata f. pallens is a terrestrial orchid occurring in leaf mold in forests below evergreen trees, where it is humid. It is a white version of  Gastrodia elata, which is unlikely to be in the same spot the following year in the same way, though not an annual plant; it is a saprophyte with a symbiotic relationship with fungi. Bloom time: June-July.




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