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Listera japonica (Syn. Neottia japonica) / Himefurabaran ヒメフタバラン

Bloom time: March-May



Species in the genus Listera:

Listera japonica / Himefutabaran



Listera japonica (Syn.Neottia japonica / Himefurabaran ヒメフタバラン


Listera japonica is a small, perennial orchid species in forest floors. The stems are erect and measure 5-15cm tall, without hairs, and have two undulated, triangular-oval-shaped leaves at the tops. The phyllotaxis is alternate, but because of the little vertical distance between the two, it looks like the opposite phyllotaxis. The stem tops set inflorescences (racemes) about as long as the stems are sparse, with 2-6 pale purple-brown flowers. The flower stalks are abundant with short hairs, sepals, and petals bending backward, and lips are cuneate, 6-8mm long, and cut themselves into two as if to make an upside-down Y shape. Bloom time: March-May.





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