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Aeginetia indica / Nanbangiseru ナンバンギセル

Bloom time: July-September

Orobanchaceae /


Species in the genus Aeginetia:

Aeginetia indica / Nanbangiseru



Aeginetia indica / Nanbangiseru ナンバンギセル


Aeginetia indica is an annual parasitic plant occurring in fields and mountains, often on Miscanthus sinensis, Zingiber mioga, or sugarcane roots. Stems, red-brown, are short and rarely go above ground, with a few alternately arranged narrow-triangular scaly leaves. Erect flower stalks that look like the stems set light purple flowers sideways on their ends. Corollas, 3-3.5cm long, are tubular, with tips shallowly cleft in five and entire margins. Sepals are yellow-brown with light red-purple stripes, tips pointed, and bottom sides are cleft toward almost bases. Fruit (capsules) are egg-likely spherical. Bloom time: July-September.





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