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This website is composed of some albums of wildflowers and trees found in and around Shimane, one of the 47prefectures of Japan, inclusive of Hokkaido. Shimane is situated far west of Tokyo,  it facing the Sea of Japan on the north, and the south side edges being cut off for the most part by steep mountains. The long-running mountain ridge forms the prefectural boundary between Hiroshima and Shimane. The eastern end of Shimane borders on Yamaguchi, and the eastern end on Tottori.



Sedum rupifragum / Oomenomannengusa; an endemic-to-Shimane, endangered species

The four seasons in this part of the world are very distinct, and atmospheric temperature ranges from below 0 to around 33Celsius depending on season. Meantime, generally there is relatively lots of rainfall. As to the type of soil, in most areas it is acidic, ranging from pH value 5.0 to 7.0. In light of those, I gather this part of the world is blessed with environmental factors that create diversity of flora.

All images here are put into four seasonal categories, and photos may be added from time to time and/or replaced with better ones when available.

All the thumbnail images on this website are accompanied by italicized scientific name followed by Japanese name in non-italic. You might click on a thumbnail image to enlarge or click on the scientific/Japanese name beneath it to see more images.



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