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Alpinia japonica / Hanamyouga ハナミョウガ

Bloom time:  May-June

Zingiberaceae /


Species in the genus Alpinia:

Alpinia japonica / Hanamyouga


Alpinia japonica / Hanamyouga ハナミョウガ


Alpinia japonica is an evergreen perennial herb inhabiting regions of mild climates. The leaves measure 40-60cm in length, 5- 8 cm in width, in the shape of a broad-lanceolate, and not glossy, with velvety vellum hairs on the upper and lower surfaces. Racemes, 10-15cm long, are erect, emerging from the tips of pseudostems; labellums are white with red stripes. Capsules, about 1.5cm long, are broad-oblong and mature red. Bloom time: May-June.





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