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Amorpha fruticosa / Itachihagi イタチハギ

Bloom time:  May-June


Fabaceae /



Species in the genus Amorpha:

Amorpha fruticosa / Itachihagi


Amorpha fruticosa / Itachihagi イタチハギ

Amorpha fruticosa, a deciduous shrub of 2-5m in height, originates in North America and grows wild in denuded lands, dry river beds, or wastelands. Phyllotaxis is alternate; leaves measure 10-30cm long, imparipinnate or even-pinnate compounds, with 5-10 pairs of leaflets. The leaflets are oblong to oval, with entire margins and glandular dots on the undersides. Branch tips extend 6-20cm racemes and set many about 8mm-long black-purple flowers. Bloom time: May-June.




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