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Blyxa echinosperma / Subuta スブタ

Bloom time: August-October

Hydrocharitaceae /


Species in the genus Blyxa:

Blyxa echinosperma / Subuta


Blyxa echinosperma / Subuta スブタ

Blyxa echinosperma is an annual aquatic herb growing in shallow waters, such as ditches, rice paddies, etc.; the stems are significantly short and deliver many fibrous roots from them. All leaves develop into rosettes; they are linear, tapering long to points, with serrations on their margins. Peduncles appear at the axils and set single white flowers on their ends from summer through autumn. Even the flowers went over, and the peduncles still elongated further. Perianths are 6 in number, outer ones three and inner three also; stamens 3; the pistils are cleft in three. This species is significantly rare across the country. Bloom time: August-October.




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