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Brasenia schreberi / Junsai ジュンサイ

Bloom time: May-August

Cabombaceae /


Species in the genus Brasenia:

Brasenia schreberi / Junsai


Brasenia schreberi / Junsai ジュンサイ

Brasenia schreberi is a perennial aquatic plant growing in ponds or wetlands, possessing a viscous substance covering the stems, peduncles, bottom sides of leaves, etc. The leaves float on the water's surface and are in a 5-10cm-long oblong shape; the bottom sides are tinged purple. The flowers are purple-brown, measuring 2cm in length. Enveloped with a jelly-like substance, sprouts, and young leaves are edible and worthwhile eating as dainty bits. Bloom time: May-August. 




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