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Deinanthe bifida / Ginbaisou ギンバイソウ

Bloom time: July-August

Hydrangeaceae /


Species in the genus Deinanthe:

Deinanthe bifida / Ginbaisou


Deinanthe bifida / Ginbaisou ギンバイソウ


Deinanthe bifida is a 40-80cm tall perennial herb found along river valleys. Of opposite phyllotaxis, leaves measure 10-20cm long, with tips shallowly cleft in two, margins with serrations, and upper and lower surfaces with coarse hairs. Inflorescences generate themselves at the stem terminals, with 10-20 flowers, spherical at first because bracts cover them; they comprise bisexual and some numbers of ornamental flowers. Bloom time: July-August.





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