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Dendrobium moniliforme / Sekkoku セッコク

Bloom time: May-June

Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Dendrobium:

Dendrobium moniliforme / Sekkoku


Dendrobium moniliforme / Sekkoku セッコク

Dendrobium moniliforme is a perennial orchid inhabiting rocks or trunks by spreading and sticking many roots. Stems are in bundles, with a height of 10-30cm, with many nodes, and each internode has many streaks. Leaves are alternate, each lanceolate thick, approximately 5cm long, and stay for a few years. Flowers, one or two in number, white to light pink, bloom at the nodes having lost leaves. Lips are a bit shorter than sepals and petals. Bloom time: May-June.




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