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Draba nemorosa / Inunazuna イヌナズナ

Bloom time: March-June

Brassicaacea /


Species in the genus Draba:

Draba nemorosa / Inunazuna
    Draba nemorosa / Inunazuna イヌナズナ  

Draba nemorosa, a biennial herb of 10-20cm height, inhabits roadsides or grasslands with abundant monotrichous- and stellate hairs on stems and leaves. Radical leaves are 2-4cm long, in the shape of a spatulate long-oblong, and on-stem ones are 1-3cm long, narrowly long-oblong-shaped, with coarse serrations on margins, and bases embrace the stems. Flowers, yellow, measure approximately 4mm in length. At the end of the flowering, inflorescences extend, and peduncles also grow longer. Fruit is 5-8mm long, flattened oblong with dense short hairs. Bloom time: March-June.





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