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  Drosera spathulata / Komousengoke コモウセンゴケ

Bloom time: June-September

Droseraceae / Mousengokeka


Species in the genus Drosera:

Drosera rotundifolia / Mousengoke
Drosera spathulata
/ Komousengoke

  Drosera spathulata / Komousengoke コモウセンゴケ


Drosera spathulata, a perennial of 5-15cm in height, occurs in sunny oligotrophic wetlands or damp clayey bare lands. The rosette-like Radical leaves measure 2-4cm long, including petioles; the petioles are approximately two times as long as blades, but locating the border between them is challenging. The leaves are light green and tinging red, with long red glandular hairs all around that produce mucilage for catching insects. Racemes appear on scape tips, which set about ten pale red 5-petaled flowers. Bloom time: June-September.





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