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Elsholtzia ciliata / Naginatakouju ナギナタコウジュ

Bloom time: September-October

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Elsholtzia:

Elsholtzia ciliata / Naginatakouju


Elsholtzia ciliata / Naginatakouju ナギナタコウジュ


Elsholtzia ciliata is an annual herb found on roadsides in the countryside, measuring 30-60cm in height. Leaves are opposite phyllotaxis, 3-9cm in length, 1-4cm in width, in the oval to oblong-ovate shape, the tips sharp, and have serrations on the margins. Branch tops emerge spikes with many small light purple flowers. The corollas measure 5mm long, are lip-shaped, and the margins are exquisitely cleft, looking like fine hairs. Bloom time: September-October.





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