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Fallopia multiflora / Tsurudokudami ツルドクダミ

Bloom time: August-October

Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Fallopia:

Fallopia japonica var. japonica / Itadori
Fallopia multiflora / Tsurudokudami


Fallopia multiflora / Tsurudokudami ツルドクダミ

Fallopia multiflora is a perennial climbing herb seen on roadsides, vacant lots, forest edges, etc., an indigenous-to-China species introduced in Japan hundreds of years ago. Leaves are oval-shaped with heart-shaped bases, 3-7.5cm in length, and the tips taper off; the petioles have joints from which leaves tend to leave off. Inflorescences are conical, with both male and female flowers mingling in each of them. Bloom time: August-October.




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