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Farfugium japonicum / Tsuwabuki ツワブキ

Bloom time: October-December

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Farfugium:

Farfugium japonicum / Tsuwabuki


Farfugium japonicum / Tsuwabuki ツワブキ

Farfugium japonicum is a perennial herb that grows on rocks or cliffs on the coasts. Radical leaves carry 10-38cm long petioles; blades measure 4-15cm long and 6-30cm wide, in the shape of a thick, glossy reniform. Young leaves huddle themselves in a fist, covered with gray-brown vellus hairs. 30-75cm long flower stalks arise in-between the leaves and set yellow flower heads in a corymb way. The fruit (achene) is 5-6.5mm long and pappus tinge brown. Bloom time: October-December.




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