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Fatsia japonica / Yatsude ヤツデ

Bloom time: November-December

Araliaceae /


Species in the genus Fatsia:

Fatsia japonica / Yatsude


Fatsia japonica / Yatsude ヤツデ


Fatsia japonica: An evergreen shrub that grows in forests from seashores through to hills, with 1-3m in height. Leaves are alternate, gathering together at branch tips; the blades are large, 20-40cm in diameter, and deeply cut in 7-9, with bases kidney-shaped, coarse serrations on the lobe's margins, and glossy, thick texture. Dioecious: Branch tips bear spherical umbels and set many small white flowers -bisexual flowers on the upper and male flowers on the lower parts. Petals are 5 in number, oval-shaped, and 1-3mm long. Stamens are 5 qnd anthers white. Calyx tubes are about 3mm long and bell-shaped. Bloom time: November-December.





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