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Frangula crenata / Isonoki イソノキ

Bloom time: June-July

Rhamnaceae /


Species in the genus Frangula:

Frangula crenata / Isonoki


Frangula crenata / Isonoki イソノキ


Frangula crenata, a deciduous shrub with gray-brown barks that grows up to 4m in height, occurs in field and mountain wetlands. Leaves are alternate; blades are 6-12cm long, 2.5-5cm wide, long oblong, with tips shortly pointed, bases being circular or obtuse, margins with shallow serrations, 6-10 pairs of veins dent toward lower surfaces, and 5-10mm petioles. Axils on the upper part's branches bear cymes and set about 5mm-in-diameter small yellow-green flowers; sepals and petals are 5, respectively; the sepals are erect, and the petals are smaller than the former. Pistil's styles cleft shallowly in three. Bloom time: June-July.





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