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Galinsoga ciliata / Hakidamegiku ハキダメギク

Bloom time: June-November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Galinsoga:

Galinsoga ciliata / Hakidamegiku


Galinsoga ciliata / Hakidamegiku ハキダメギク


Galinsoga ciliata: An originating-in-tropical-America annual found first in Tokyo in 1910-the 1920s and that has spread in various districts since then. Stems repeatedly bifurcate themselves at intervals and grow to 15-60cm in height. Leaves are opposite, in an oval to oval-like lanceolate shape, with shallow wavy serrations on margins. The upper part's branch tips bear single, small, about 5mm in diameter, flower heads with five white ligulate flowers and many yellow tubular flowers inside. Involucres are hemispherical, and the involucral bracts and peduncles have glandular hairs. Bloom time: June-November.





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