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Glehnia littoralis / Hamaboufuu ハマボウフウ

Bloom time: June-July

Apiaceae /


Species in the genus Glehnia:

Glehnia littoralis / Hamaboufuu


Glehnia littoralis / Hamaboufuu ハマボウフウ

Glehnia littoralis is a perennial herb that inhabits sandy soil on seashores; roots tinge yellow and are thick and long. White soft hairs exist dense on the upper parts of stems and inflorescences. Leaves are of mono- to biternate compound leaf, thick and glossy; the leaflets are 1.5-6cm-long obovate-oblong, with irregular margins. Compound umbels emerge from stem tips and densely set many white flowers. Bloom time: June-July.




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