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Halogaris micrantha / Arinotougusa アリノトウグサ

Bloom time: July-September

Haloragaceae /


Secies in the genus Halogaris:

Halogaris micrantha / Arinotougusa


Halogaris micrantha / Arinotougusa アリノトウグサ

Halogaris micrantha is a perennial that occurs in sunny, moist places in fields and mountains, growing to 10-30cm in height. Four ridged frequently stems ting red-brown, and lower parts crawl on the ground. The phyllotaxis is the opposite, measuring 0.6-1.2cm long, 0.4-1cm wide, in an oblong shape, with obtuse serrations on margins. Flowers sparsely attach the upper parts of stems and bloom, facing downward. Calyx tubes are spherical, about 1mm long, with four sepals and four petals that bend backward. Stamens are 8 in number. Bloom time: July-September.



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