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Hedera rhombea / Kizuta キヅタ

Bloom time: November-December

Araliaceae /


Species in the genus Hedera:

Hedera rhombea / Kiduta


Hedera rhombea / Kizuta キヅタ


Hedera rhombea: It is an evergreen liana that grows in evergreen forests, forest edges, or wastelands and creeps up trees, rocks, or the like with emerged aerial roots. More prominent individuals can reach 6cm or more in diameter. Leaves are alternate, 3-7cm long, 2-4m wide, in the shape of a triangular or pentagonal-like, and palmately cleft shallowly in 3-5, with bases, truncate or heart-shaped. The leaves on branches with inflorescences are oblanceolate or oblong and not divided, with entire margins and leathery and glossy surfaces. Branch tips generate one or more 2.5-3cm-in-diameter spherical umbels and set many small, as large as 1cm across, green-yellow flowers. Bloom time: November-December.




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