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Helwingia japonica / Hanaikada ハナイカダ

Bloom time: April-May

Cornaceae /


Species in the genus Helwingia:

Helwingia japonica / Hanaikada


Helwingia japonica / Hanaikada ハナイカダ

 Helwingia japonicaa deciduous shrub inhabiting damp locations along mountain rivers in, hills, or mountains, trunks are in bundles and branch well at upper parts and grow to 1-3m in height with smooth green barks. Leaves are alternate, blades measuring 3-16cm long, 1.5-6cm wide, broad-oblong, with tips tail-like to pointed and bases obtuse or broadly cuneate. Margins are with shallow serrations, the tips growing to awns toward glands. Light green flowers set themselves on approximately central positions of midribs; male flowers 4, and females generally 1, occasionally 2-3. The flowers measure 4-5mm across, and the petals are oval-triangular. Bloom time: April-May.




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