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Hosiea japonica / Kurotakikazura クロタキカズラ

Bloom time: May-June

Icacinaceae /


Species in the genus Hosiea:

Hosiea japonica / Kurotakikazura


Hosiea japonica / Kurotakikazura クロタキカズラ

Hosiea japonica is a deciduous liana with brown barks inhabiting somewhat damp places in forests in mountainous regions. Leaves are opposite, blades are 5-18cm in length, 2.5-12cm, in an ovate shape, tips sharply pointed in a tail way, with bases heart-shaped and large irregular serrations on margins. Surfaces are short-hairy, and so do the backsides. Dioecious: Axils birth to small yellow-green flowers, approximately 8mm in diameter, facing sideways or downward. The fruit (drupe) measures about 1.5cm long in the shape of a somewhat flat oblong and matures in red in September-October. Bloom time: May-June.




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