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Hylotelephium viride / Aobenkei アオベンケイ

Bloom time: September-October

Crassulaceae /


Species in the genus Hylotelephium:

Hylotelephium viride / Aobenkei


Hylotelephium viride / Aobenkei アオベンケイ

Hylotelephium viride is an evergreen perennial herb inhabiting trunks or rocks in hilly districts, stems measuring 10-50cm in height with alternately arranged, fleshy leaves. Leaves are 3-6cm in length, 1.5-4cm in width, in an oval shape, with margins having no or, if any, wavy serrations. Petioles are 1-2cm in length. Flowers come densely in autumn in corymbs borne on the flower stalks; yellow-green flowers are 5-petaled, with each petal about 4.5mm long. Bloom time: September-October.




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