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 Leucothoe grayana var. hypoleuca / Urajirohanahirinoki ウラジロハナヒリノキ

Bloom time: June-July

Ericaceae / Tsutsujika   Species in the genus Leucothoe:

Leucothoe grayana var. hypoleuca / Urajirohanahirinoki
     Leucothoe grayana var. hypoleuca / Urajirohanahirinoki ウラジロハナヒリノキ    
Leucothoe grayana var. hypoleuca is a deciduous shrub found on ridgelines or forest edges in heavy snowfall, mountainous regions in Japan sea side Leaves are alternate, with 1-2mm long petioles, blades oblong or long oblong,3-15xm long and 1.5-5.5cn wide, tips shortly pointed, bases circular to shallowly cordate, somewhat coarse hairs on both sides, fine serrations on margins. Racemes put themselves on new branch tips and set many flowers facing downward. Calyxes measure 1mm, with tips deeply cleft in five; the segments are triangular-ovate and bend backward. Stamens are 10 in number. Bloom time: June-July.




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