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Mallotus japonicus / Akamegashiwa アカメガシワ

Bloom time: June-July

Euphorbiaceae /


Species in the genus Mallotus:

Mallotus japonicus / Akamegashiwa


Mallotus japonicus / Akamegashiwa アカメガシワ

Mallotus japonicus, a deciduous tree with gray-brown barks that grows up to 15m in height, and 50cm across, occur mainly in denuded lands, logged-off lands, or forest fringes. Leaves are alternate, 7-20cm long, 5-14cm wide, in the shape of an oval or broad oval, with margins entire or wavy, occasionally cleft shallowly in three. Petioles measure 5-20cm in length, tingeing red, and new leaves give red color. This species is dioecious: Branch tips emerge panicles with no petals; male flowers set themselves beside bracts, with light yellow calyxes cleft in 3-4. Female flowers do themselves beside bracts with calyxes cut into 2-3. Bloom time: June-July.




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