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Malus sieboldii / Zumi ズミ

Bloom time: May-June

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Malus:

Malus sieboldii / Zumi


Malus sieboldii / Zumi ズミ

Malus sieboldii is a deciduous tree to small tree with gray-brown barks occurring in sunny, somewhat damp locations like forest edges or wetlands in mountainous regions. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, blades being 3-8cm long, 2-4cm wide, in the shape of a long-oblong or oval long-oblong, many of those on long branches cleft in 3-5. Tips pointed themselves, bases circular or cuneate, and margins are biserrate or finely serrate. Branch tips emerge umbels and set 4-8 two- to four-centimeter white flowers with five obovate-shaped petals with round tips. Peduncles measure 2-3.5mm in length, with vellus hairs. Bloom time: May-June.




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