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Mitella pauciflora / Kocharumerusou コチャルメルソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Saxifragaceae /


Secies in the genus Mitella:

Mitella furusei var. subramosa / Charumerusou
Mitella pauciflora / Kocharumerusou



Mitella pauciflora / Kocharumerusou コチャルメルソウ


Mitella pauciflora, a perennial, as with another species, Mitella furusei var. subramosa, occurs in damp to wet places in valleys in mountainous regions. Radical leaves, with petioles, measure 3-6cm in length, in a broad ovate shape, and cleft shallowly in five, with long hairs on both sides and petioles. Flower stalks are approximately 15cm, with glandular hairs on the upper parts and peduncles. Petals pinnately cut themselves into 5-9, and sepals are open flat. Bloom time: April-May.





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