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Monochoria korsakowii / Mizuaoi ミズアオイ

Bloom time: September-October

Pontederiaceae /


Species in the genus Monochoria:

Monochoria korsakowii / Mizuaoi
Monochoria vaginalis / Konagi


Monochoria korsakowii / Mizuaoi ミズアオイ

Monochoria korsakowii is an annual herb, 20-40cm in height, occurring in paddies, marshes, or swamps; the radical leaves are heart-shaped, thick, glossy, and long petioles, its leaf blades measuring 10-20cm in length. With stem leaves, petioles are short. Racemes grow taller than the levels of the leaves and bear many bluish-purple flowers, 2.5-3cm in diameter, in racemose ways. Bloom time: September-October.




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