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Nuphar japonicum / Kouhone コウホネ

Bloom time: June-September

Nymphaeaceae /


Species in the genus Nuphar:

Nuphar japonicum / Kouhone


Nuphar japonicum / Kouhone コウホネ


Nuphar japonicum is a perennial herb inhabiting shallow ponds or swamps; the underwater leaves are long, narrow, and membraneous. The ones above the water are in the long-oblong shape, 20-30cm long. Long flower stalks emerged from rhizomes set single, bowl-like, 4-5cm-in-diameter flowers on their tops; petal-like sepals are 5 in number, yellow, which turn green after flower. The petals are in the shape of an oblong, half the height of the sepals, bending outwards. Bloom time: June-September.





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