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Platycarya strobilacea / Nogurumi ノグルミ

Bloom time: June

Juglandaceae / Kurumika   Species in the genus Platycarya:

Platycarya strobilacea / Nogurumi


    Platycarya strobilacea / Nogurumi ノグルミ    
Platycarya strobilaceaa deciduous tree of 5-10m, occasionally 30m, inhabits sunny forest edges. Leaves are alternate; of an imparipinnate compound leaf, 20-30cm long, petioles and rhachises have vellus hairs, with 5-7 pairs of leaflets. The leaflets measure 5-10cm, 1-3cm wide, lanceolate, with stalks next to nothing, sharply pointed tips, pointed serrations on margins, and bases are cuneate or circular - suitable and left asymmetry. Dioecious: New branch tips erect several racemes; the single terminal ones are female inflorescences, about 2cm long, and the other 4-10cm long ones around them are males. Flowers lack perianths. Bloom time: June.




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