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Polemonium kiushianum / Hanashinobu ハナシノブ

Bloom time: June-August

Polemoniaceae / Hanashibobuka   Species in the genus Polemonium:

Polemonium kiushianum / Hanashinobu


Polemonium kiushianum / Hanashinobu ハナシノブ

Polemonium kiushianum is a perennial occurring in grasslands with ridged stems of 60-90cm in height. Leaves without petioles are alternate and of an imparipinnate compound leaf; the leaflets are lanceolate, 2-3cm long, with pointed tips. Stem tops give forth panicles, in which 1-1.5cm-in-diameter blue-purple flowers bloom. Bloom time: June-August.



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