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Potamogeton fryeri / Futohirumushiro フトヒルムシロ

Bloom time: April-August

Potamogetonaceae /



Species in the genus Potamogeton:

Potamogeton fryeri / Futohirumushiro


Potamogeton fryeri / Futohirumushiro フトヒルムシロ

Potamogeton fryeri is a floating-leaved perennial that grows in oligotrophic and acidic waters. Stems crawl underground and can reach two meters. Submerged leaves, with next-to-nothing petioles, measure 6-25cm long and 0.5-3cm wide, in a narrow, long oblong shape, and floating leaves are 5-13cm long, 3-5cm wide, with long, 5-15cm long petioles and prominent wavy wrinkles on the margins. Inflorescences, 3-6cm long, set many small yellow-green flowers which extend above water surfaces. Bloom time: April-August.




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