Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Quercus dentata / Kashiwa カシワ

Bloom time:  April-May

Fagacea / Bunaka

Species in the genus Quercus:

Quercus dentata / Kashiwa

Quercus dentata / Kashiwa カシワ

Quercus dentata: A deciduous tree that inhabits poor or gravelly soil in fields and mountains and grows as tall as 15m and 60cm across. Leaves are alternate; blades measure 7-12cm long, 3-5cm wide, obovate-like long oblong, and leathery, with sharply pointed tips, broadly cuneate bases, big-sized serrations on half above, and glossy surfaces. Dioecious: Lower parts of new branches hang 5-10cm long male inflorescences with dense vellus hairs on the axis. Female inflorescences erect themselves at the sides of the upper part's new branches with 3-5 female flowers. Nuts are 1.5-2cm long, oosphere-shaped, and mature in the current year's autumn. Bloom time: April-May.



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