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Salsola komarovii / Okahijiki オカヒジキ

Bloom time: July-October

 Amaranthaceae /


Species in the genus Salsola:

Salsola komarovii / Okahijiki


Salsola komarovii / Okahijiki オカヒジキ

Salsola komarovii is an annual herb occurring in sandy soil on seashores, with stems branching well and expanding to grow to 10-40 cm in height. Leaves are fleshy, 1-3cm long, slender, and cylindrical, with tips pointed in an acicular way. Flowers generally singly attach axils with two bractlets. Perianth lobes are thin, however, after flower, they become stiff, and the upper portions bend inside at the right angle to envelop utricles. Bloom time: July-October.




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